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Direct fit Bosch, and Walker Sensors (OE specification) imported by us from the USA

Bosch Part Number 0258003061
Description - Bosch Direct Fit
70.80 inc VAT & UK Carriage

Walker Part Number 250-23019
Description - Direct Fit Lambda
60.00 inc VAT & UK Carriage

Walker 250-23019 may be used as an alternative to Bosch Part No 0258003061
Cable length may be slightly different from the Bosch sensor.
Picture of Bosch Part Number 0258003061

Universal fit Bosch and Walker Sensors that may be used to replace 0258003061

Bosch Part Number LS02
Bosch Universal 3 wire Sensor
66.00 inc VAT & UK Carriage

Walker Part Number 250-23000
Walker Universal 3 wire Sensor
36.00 inc VAT & UK Carriage
Universal Sensor

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